We must find more effective ways to prevent crime

We need more effective and efficient approaches to deal with crime.

Ruqaya Al-Huwairni


We need more effective and efficient approaches to deal with crime in society as traditional methods seem to no longer be effective. Government bodies and civil society institutions should join forces to reduce crime. Individuals should also play a role in that. The government cannot protect every citizen in light of the Kingdom’s increasing population. It is a complex situation. Global experts on criminology say that governments should focus on serious and dangerous crimes by arresting criminals, carrying out investigations and interrogations, gathering evidence and preventing crime. Citizens should also play a complementary role in achieving much sought-after security.

Countries all over the world work on bringing the crime rate down and have for this purpose upgraded and developed their methods and programs. They have adopted new and more effective legislative, security, educational, political, economic, social and reformatory measures to ensure that people do not resort to crime. They are working on cutting down crime by designing effective solutions to deal with the problem and prevent it from recurring.

Many young people join terrorist organizations. This has caused many countries to awake from their slumber and reconsider their crime prevention programs aimed at children and youth. Countries want to dispel the misconceptions that young men and women have about jihad. Moreover, some countries are the main reason why some of their citizens join extremist organizations. These countries have adopted oppressive and draconian measures to clamp down on people and today they are being ripped apart.

The most important crime prevention programs are the ones targeting domestic violence, bigotry, racism in sport, tribal prejudice, and e-crimes involving the honor and reputation of families, etc. Rumormongers should also be considered criminals and should be punished.