Halal tourism in Taiwan

Halal tourism in Taiwan

Halal tourism in Taiwan

Shahd Alhamdan
Saudi Gazette

For many Muslims, travelling to a non-Muslim country can be difficult because of the difficulties in finding halal (permissible) cuisine, finding services and accommodation that cater to Muslims, and the ability to practice their faith.

Taiwan, on the other hand, is one of a number of Asian countries that has been focusing on halal tourism for a number of years now.

The country’s government is supporting Halal tourism as a way to boost tourism and attract holidaymakers from the Muslim world.

Several restaurants now serve halal food, and there are also a number of Muslim-friendly hotels, such as Taipei’s Palais de Chine, with halal-certified restaurants, and rooms that indicate the qibla and provide a prayer carpet.

Muslim tourists can get information on a tour guide of halal places from either the Chinese Muslim Association or by searching online.

There are also several international restaurants that also serve halal food such as Taj Indian restaurant, Tajin Moroccan Cuisine, and Toko Sakura restaurant.

Muslim tourists will not only find prayer rooms at the international airport, but also in Taipei’s halal restaurants.

Taiwan has at least six mosques, with another currently under construction. The largest is Taipei’s Grand Mosque, and is consider the country’s oldest Mosque.

Muslims can go for prayers, each Sunday there is a lesson, and after Friday prayers there’s halal food and meat for sale.

Out of Taiwan’s population of 23 million, around 60,000 are Muslims largely from the Hui ethnic group.