Sada Malik’s production - a new outlook for wedding shoots

Sada Malik’s production - a new outlook for wedding shoots

Sada Malik’s production - a new outlook for wedding shoots

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Nisma Rafiq
Saudi Gazette

A wedding day is, without a doubt, the singular most memorable day in the life of those getting married.

But it is important not just for the bride and the groom, but for the family as well.

Over time, simple weddings have turned into something luxurious and glamorous. People prefer to make it their perfect day, and start preparing months before the event.

From picking a dress to choosing a parlor, selecting a hall for the banquet, everything is handpicked and evaluated thousand times and people start preparing months in advance.

But to capture all the effort and beauty, photography is key.

Wedding parties often go to studios for a shoot, or hire a photographer for the day and create a moment for the photograph.

But there are other photographers who promise to capture genuine moments at a wedding.

Sada Malik Production (SMP) is now a household name for every type of photography, and although her production house is newly established in Jeddah, she has experience covering weddings for many nationalities, including Saudis, Pakistanis, Egyptians and Indians.

Saudi Gazette recently had the chance to talk with Malik about her distinct and diverse wedding shoots.

“The wedding is one of life’s most beautiful event. An event, of which every moment is memorable for the couple. The best way to save these moments is through photography, which saves these momentous moments, making them even more exquisite in the process,” Malik said. “We try our best to click these unforgettably important moments of the lives of the couple with new and original poses. So that the couple can cherish these moments for the whole of their lives”

The SMP team includes Sada and her husband, Salman, and they offer internships for budding photographers, while other people join them on a project basis.

“The way in which every shade of color is different from the other, in the same way every feeling is different from the other. But each of these colors and feelings have their own importance and place in our lives. We endeavor to enamor these feelings with colors, giving each its very own importance. While usual photographers might make a moment to capture it, we simply capture it whilst making them deeply engraved in the cherished memories of the couple,” Malik said.

“Our team is always ready with cams. People see with eyes we see with camera lenses. As if our only purpose is to capture the moments, for which we always are on the look. We edit the pictures to the extent that they do not lose touch with reality. I edit pictures myself, while videos are edited by my husband.”

Often times brides and grooms are not comfortable during their photoshoot, and so the first goal at SMP is to remove that negative factor.

“In order to shoot candid shots of a couple, it is of immense importance that the bride and groom are comfortable with each other. We therefore maintain a very friendly and supporting attitude towards the couple,” Malik said.

“Before every event we hold a meeting in which we discuss and share ideas. Our aim always is to make the entree of both the bride and the groom to be different and stunning. While they are making their entrance we constantly guide them for the poses while we click photographs in which we do also use different props.”

So far, the feedback received by her team has been encouraging.

“Positive feedback from clients is also an important appreciation which on the one hand makes us happy, for obvious reasons, while on the other hand it is a factor that provides us with impetus to work harder and provide even better services,” she said.