People avoid answering unknown numbers, but Why?

People avoid answering unknown numbers, but Why?

People avoid answering unknown numbers, but Why?

Nisma Rafiq

Imagine that you lost your cat, and there are people who are calling you to tell you they’ve found it, but your policy is to never answer unknown calls.

Let’s say that your neighbors called you to report that your house is on fire, but as you have made a policy never to answer strange calls, you ignore their calls and your house burns to the ground.

Who will you blame?

Take that, for example, you are a business tycoon and due to a time shortage you refuse to answer calls from unfamiliar numbers – what if it was another big contract waiting for you to sign? You lost it because you didn’t answer that call.

Suppose and god forbid, your relative was involved in a road accident and your phone number was discovered in their wallet.

People call you to tell you the situation, but you refuse to answer the calls because it is a policy that you will never answer unknown numbers. Who will you hold responsible? Was it worth it?

It is mostly seen that people avoid unknown calls because they fear it being a telemarketer, an actual wrong number, or someone else harassing them.

Probably it is the right policy, but when it’s urgent, people only call, they do not text.

But people respond to texts or WhatsApp messages right away whether it’s an unknown number or a telemarketer.

They feel more secure and comfortable while replying to a text than answering a telephone call.

Individuals consider phone calls as time consuming and tedious. People can be blunt and cold during written conversations; they can easily disguise themselves, but phone calls make it hard. Human beings, no matter what, are good at heart.

They can’t shut down callers once they start speaking; they just have to tolerate, but this is not the case in written conversations. But does that mean you avoid unknown numbers completely?

Communication, especially by mobile devices such as handsets, are meant to exchange conversation between two people at different locations at the same time.

It is not just between known people, but includes unknown as well. Should you therefore introduce this blind policy of not answering calls from strange numbers? The aim of having a mobile phone is thereby defeated.

Before you created your mobile contacts, you got them first as UNKNOWN calls most times.

There are many apps in the market that help you block unwanted callers. If it is actually a spammer, you can just block the number right away.