Tantalize your taste buds at Tikka Express

Tantalize your taste buds at Tikka Express


Nisma Rafiq

Saudi Gazette


Located in al Hamra, the heart of Jeddah for food lovers, Tikka Express serves a wide range of delicious food and mouthwatering sub-continental cuisine.

Although it looks a little cramped, the restaurant has a warm welcoming ambiance: the dim, yellow lights along with the blend of pink and blue illumination and special chandeliers give an aura of tradition and comfort.

On weekends, you might have to wait for your table if you don’t have a reservation, whereas on weekdays you can usually find a table straight away.


Every order is served with a complimentary hot pappars, fried to a crisp along with mint and chilli chutney, which makes the time waiting for the rest of the meal to arrive much more bearable.
Meals are served quickly and portions are generous, while friendly staff make sure that everyone is comfortable.

Vegetables, such a Palak Paneer, are a bit too creamy and probably not for those who are watching their waist line.

The restaurant is perfect for indulging in grilled meat and chicken, along with curries, and there are a range of salads, such as the chicken salad with apple, cucumber and yoghurt salad, caesar salad, and the tikka and spicy salad.

Butter roti is a must try, and you will fall in love with its buttery and wholesome taste.

Tikka Express also serves garlic, butter and spiced naan.   Lentil and creamy corn soup will make you wish for more, while chicken 65 masala is flavorful and a must-try, along with malayi chicken, which has tender, boneless chicken pieces in it.

The food here is equally loved by Arabs and those native to the cuisine, making Tikka Express a must-try.