Telangana deputy CM launches ‘Glory of Hyderabad’ in Chicago

Telangana deputy CM launches ‘Glory of Hyderabad’ in Chicago


ILLINOIS, Chicago — Expatriates from the southern Indian city of Hyderabad recently launched a social organization, “Glory of Hyderabad,” here.

Deputy Chief Minister of southern India state of Telangana Mohammad Mahmood Ali, who was the chief guest at the inauguration event along with the state anti-corruption chief A.K. Khan, lauded the efforts of all those who helped form the organization, in the US city of Chicago, Illinois.

“Hyderabadis always have established their identity wherever they are, whether it’s America, Australia, United Kingdom or any other country. They are committed to the social service through their organizations,” said Mahmood Ali his inaugural address here.

“Hyderabad has always remained as a point of convergence of many different cultures, traditions, festivals, and religions that gave it its distinct cosmopolitan character.
Hyderabad’s lingua franca, ‘Dakhini’, is a unique blend of several languages, typifying the true plural character of the city, where people belonging to different castes, creed, and religions live in peace and harmony and participate in each other’s festivals with enthusiasm,” added the deputy chief minister.

Mahmood Ali also said that the “Glory of Hyderabad” is aimed at celebrating the famed ‘Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb’ and portraying the “Hyderabadiyat,” rather than merely glorifying Hyderabad’s historic achievements. “The Hyderabadi Tehzeeb is the traditional mix of civility, hospitality, courtesy, and grace in social interaction, the hallmark of which is respect and consideration”, added Mahmood Ali.

Lavishing praise on the Telangana chief minister, Mahmood Ali said, “Mr. K Chandrasekhar Rao has been considered as the best Chief Minister in India. He is committed in transforming the old city of Hyderabad into golden city of Hyderabad.” — SG