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Styling Saudi Men

Styling Saudi Men


By Mariam Nihal
Saudi Gazette
There is no way you can go wrong with a bomber jacket. Pick up any fashion magazine and you’ll see the movement is strong. It is undefeatable and is conquering the world. Be it Vogue in Russia or pop stars in Japan, this fashion trend transcends cultures and fashion rules.

Let’s not forget, a lot of credit goes to Kanye West, who took the MA-1 NASA Bomber Jacket, also the flight jacket of U.S. Air Force (for Navy pilots and ground crew) and made his own custom variation of the piece for his Yeezus tour. Since then, every high-end fashion brand and designer took the look to the runway including Margiela, Givenchy, Rick Owens to more affordable brands like Stussy, Zara and Topman. It is the ultimate example of contemporary streetwear changing the course of fashion and runway rules.

The look is perfect for layering and you can combine multiple big pieces in layers. Just throw on a bomber jacket to transform any look. 

Due to limited fashion and stylist faculties for Saudi men here, we decided to answer men’s fashion queries with expert advice and customized choices that not only rule the runway looks but also help you make the right choice. Once you know the rules, you have the freedom to bend them.

This week, we teamed up with Olie Arnold, Style Director at Mr Porter, which happens to be home to the hottest bomber jackets this season.
The Bomber Jacket And Where It Stands In The World Of Fashion

The bomber jacket has a military association so there’s a timeless, utilitarian and rather iconic reference of it throughout men’s wear, similar to a trench coat. The bomber’s recent new wave in relevance also fits rather well with the sportswear and streetwear trend occurring in men’s wear as guys are dressing more and more cool and casual. It’s an easy piece to throw on, and instantly adds a bit of attitude to your look.

Best Brands For Bomber Jackets

There are a vast array of brands who are associated with the bomber jacket this season, from designer to contemporary  - Rick Owens always updates his bomber jacket, this time around in a black stretch cotton with silver hardware. Valstar is another brand which we launched for AW16, well known for their Italian iconic jackets in luxurious suede leather, several exclusive to us and a brand which does the everyday bomber style jacket very well. You can even get a great price and strong looking version from J.Crew’s Wallace and Barnes collection on Mr Porter.

It’s Influence On Luxury Labels From Being A Streetwear Statement Piece

The bomber has relevance across all price-points, including the men’s luxury space where we see elevated wool varsity versions and in heavier, sumptuous leathers and suedes. Good examples of this are from brands such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Prada and Brunello Cucinelli. The styles are classic, but the details are enhanced with shearling linings, embroidered patches, dyed leather and gabardine.

3 ways to style a bomber jacket

SR 3481 – Investment staple

Some people are afraid of suede, but it’s actually a good way to pull off a soft look when paired with the right pieces.

For the weekend

The faded wash on these selvedge jeans, from Jean Shop, help to soften the rich blue colour of the suede jacket in this outfit, while Simon Miller’s shirt does a similar thing with texture, giving the whole thing a relaxed and tactile (as opposed to sleek and sharp) feel.

For an evening out

Just because a particular piece is somewhat classic, it doesn’t mean it can’t also be worn with a forward-looking attitude. In fact, pairing this bomber with a vibrant print shirt and tailored track pants will bring out its sporty heritage and place you at the cutting edge of the “athleisure” trend. This is an outfit that will serve you well for a variety of casual evening encounters, from dinner out with friends to a concert and whatever comes next.

For the modern office

This isn’t yet the kind of thing, of course, that you’d want to wear into a job in the city, but if your office dress code is that little bit more relaxed, you can impress your colleagues by dressing up your bomber with a pair of tailored trousers and black Derbies from Common Projects. The denim shirt is a better option than a white one – that might be trying a little too hard, in this case, but the document holder brings that little extra touch of class.