PISJ Aziziyah gets back in harness

PISJ Aziziyah gets back in harness

Students of Pakistan International School Jeddah-Aziziya sit the half-yearly exams.

By Nisma Rafiq

JEDDAH — As the saying goes, “Let the world see your fall, but make sure when you rise up, be more beautiful than before”.

Similar things happened with Pakistan International School in Jeddah (PISJ)-Azizyah, which faced innumerous problems such as corruption scandals, building eviction, bad maintenance, accusation of nepotism, a dull curriculum — the list continued.

However, the new management took the opportunity to rebuild what the school truly deserves and rose up from the ashes like a phoenix — better and beautiful.

"Day and night efforts were made to improve the condition of the school. The results are visible,” said Farhat Naeem, PIS vice principal.

“We have record-breaking enrollment this year, with more than 11,000 students,” she continued. “We are working with parents' feedback while providing a congenial atmosphere for the students and staff.”

Naeem is a firm believer in change, which according to her is the only constant. “With the passage of time, one has to change. Education itself means bringing change — in ideas, thinking, and actions – because it is the new generation we are taking care of.”

Naeem, a graduate of Lahore College, wishes to raise the standards of PISJ as a benchmark for other institutions.

Currently half-yearly examinations are being conducted smoothly and fairly in an atmosphere conducive for learning in both boys and girls sections. The management is making sure that students are no longer deprived of extra-curricular activities, especially the much-admired Annual Sports Day.
[caption id="attachment_100888" align="alignright" width="300"]Vice Principal Farhat Naeem in her office. Vice Principal Farhat Naeem in her office.[/caption]Academic subjects and extra-curricular activities complement each other and develop a well-rounded, socially skilled, and healthier student.

There are various upcoming extra-curricular activities that the students can choose from; any that appeals to him or her personally.

Extra-curricular activities help develop the whole student. Today, we cannot just produce one-dimensional students in our school.

The new PISJ management works hand in hand with the staff believing in problem solving and mutual cooperation. In addition, it believes that peaceful mental health of the teaching and support staff leads to progress and growth. “The staff have been given a much-awaited raise and more good is yet to come,” Naeem told Saudi Gazette.

Painted walls, refurbished classrooms, colorful corridors and noticeboards, lecture dices, new technology, highly qualified and motivated staff and a fresh school scheme all give PISJ Al-Aziziya a new look and a hope that it will soon be at par with modern school environments elsehwere.