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Innovating New Trends And Sounds

Innovating New Trends And Sounds

Innovating New Trends And Sounds

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By Mariam Nihal

Esda is a customized violin designed to expand the range of sound.  

Saudi Gazette caught up with the creator Lorenzo Bouroncle from Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, who recently showcased his collection at Dubai Design Days. "It's something I'm passionate about and I hope people love it," he said. "I am so excited to be here and given this opportunity!" His violin looks nothing less than a rock version of a violin from a futuristic Hollywood movie. The power lies in the concept and the way he has crafted a phenomenal yet simplistic design.  Bouroncle has designed it in a way that it looks like a slick glossy mini electric guitar that fits the 'Men in Black' movie theme. 

Bouroncle said Esda is engineered  to maximize flexibility for the performer and composer, and based on an innovation in the violin’s bridge, the device that supports the strings and transmits the vibration of those strings to a soundboard. With Esda the player can replace the bridge with those made of various different materials, thus creating an enormously flexible, personalized sound.

Prices start from $3500. The variation depends on the amount of bridges requested, the quality of strings, and the size of the instrument. "It is fully customizable," he said. You can reach him on