Why do some people treat their parents cruelly?

Why do some people treat their parents cruelly?

Samar Al-Muqrin

I am appalled every time I read in the newspapers or on social media websites about children disobeying their parents. I wrack my brains trying to figure out why sons or daughters are so cruel to their parents. How can people treat their mother badly who carried them in her womb for nine months? I pity all mothers and fathers whose children disobey them.

It is sad to read stories about sons who kill their own parents. No sane man would his kill his own parents or desert them to join terrorist groups overseas. Something evil like drugs must have prompted them to behave like this.

Last week, I visited an old people’s home and was appalled at the sight of fathers and mothers who had been admitted by their children. Although these, centers, which are run by the government, go to great lengths in looking after the elderly, there is nothing like being at home and being surrounded by one’s own flesh and blood.

How could a son be so cruel as to send his mother to an old people’s home? Even if the son is not financially able to take care of his own mother, it is still an appalling thing to do. Nothing can justify such action. A sane son would never do something like this. On the contrary, he would go to great lengths to provide his mother with everything that she needs.

I also visited a children’s home that was full of children with disabilities who had been left there by cruel parents. What fault is it of these children that they end up in such homes? Can they be blamed for being disabled? It is not their fault that they are disabled. Despite the fact that the center provides disabled children with all sorts of comfort and is run by kindhearted staff, the children looked sad. There is nothing like the affection and love of one’s own mother and father.