A citizen is made when a school is noble

A citizen is made when a school is noble

Novel International School

WHEN puritans seeking perfection in education stand dismal amidst ethically deplorable school system, professionally despicable in delivering on time dividends and appallingly deconstructive in embracing the time bound apparatus which make education meaningful, Novel International School [NIS] appears unaffected of the vices and outstanding in its solidly rooted foundation. The audacious which NIS puts in meaningful returns, backed up by dedication and commitment in good deliverance, has always been responded with the spectrum of amazing outcome, academically and activities close to the academics. NIS believes in the miracle of turning uncertainties to certainties if hard work is juxtaposed with behavioural gracefulness, if modern educational techniques are blended with the time tested traditional truths. You will never experience clichéd monotony of the teacher centric learning system in its luminous class rooms.

In NIS, you can find the complete disappearance of the obsolete junky remains of the educational past which a student of the present times loathes to accept. NIS has a right turned concept and it is boldly visible in the students, in the galaxy of teachers, in the play grounds, state of the art-, seminar halls whose walls and roofs reverberate with brainstorming and knowledge crunching sessions, in the pervading display of international and Islamic values in its each nook and corner and in the annual science exhibitions that showcase the eye dazzling panorama of projects and models. The student who crosses its threshold will be competent to combat global challenges; will be confident with wisdom both scientific and graceful.

NIS features the following specialities:-

Educational Partners: Personnel from Great Britain and Sweden, whose caliber is more than outstanding, visit NIS to interact and introduce the latest knowledge phenomenon, instil inputs which are psychologically inevitable and advice showing the best and the right path to attain the global best.

The Board Examination Result: NIS’ commitment and dedication always met with the expected result of hundred percent.

The Teaching Faculty: NIS is singled out in this regard. The school always features experienced, qualified and visionary teachers who know the right balance of the holistic and the robotic.

Extracurricular Activities: Being in the NIS gives each student an experience which a wide range of competitive programs like quiz competitions, international debate competitions and photo gallery and painting competitions contribute.

Sports and Games: It is an NIS faith that the sports and games leave an enduring impact in a person’s life in keeping him well disciplined and properly mannered. The NIS had a commendable record of promoting sports culture among the students for creating a profound understanding about the physical culture.

The Library Department: NIS, more than any other educational institution realizes the universal fact that literature is a powerful channel through which human transformation takes place. The profound recognition of this realization is visible in the captivating library meant for empowering its students relentlessly. In addition to this NIS publishes an annual students’ magazine and a number of newsletters.

CBSE Curriculum: From its very inception, the NIS follows the CBSE syllabus with a vision to expand to horizon of learning process wherein the students’ interpersonal and intrapersonal disposition is groomed. It is a pleasure to state that the NIS fraternity is enduringly infusing the resilient confidence among the students to excel in their academic values through the CBSE syllabus.

Morning Assembly: A dais for transformation of the self from the very dawn — NIS believes that the little acts of nobility are capable of transforming students for reaching up for the eternal divinity. The morning assembly is a dais for the students to assert themselves and thereby it acts as a tool for dedication towards the duties to perform.

Celebrations on Personalities who reshaped the universe: Scientists like Einstein and C.V. Raman are revered and honored with devotion on special days to create awareness among the students how those inimitable men of excellence can be beacon lights in their lives in future.

Other notable features Programs such as Media Mughal, Talk Shows, Exhibition, Starcom, UN Simulation, Literary Events, Islamic Quiz, Islamic Classes, Counselling, Encouragemnts for Philately and Numismatics.

Special Department For Airing Grievances: Though the NIS Fraternity is ultra vigilant in getting all the stones polished, it constituted a special department for the parents and the general public to air their suggestions, complaints and remarks. The system is functioning efficiently that speedy solution for such complaints, if any, is done with remarkable ease.

The march of NIS which started with unrelenting support and cooperation from people of all realms is still on. We are fully aware of our noble duty of creating a genuine educational civilization. Each day we are inspired and renewed for translating our students dreams into colourful reality they like to live in future.

Still our hunger for more perfection is fresh and this feeling is powerful enough to strengthen our feet for the further journey.