New Al Wurood and Al Khozama blaze the trails of futuristic education

New Al Wurood and Al Khozama blaze the trails of futuristic education

New Al Wurood and Al Khozama blaze the trails of futuristic education

NEW Al Wurood International School, Jeddah and Al Khozama International School, Dammam, justify their vision of becoming world class learning community promoting human excellence through pioneering process of innovations and unique models for inspiring others in educational arena.
The recently concluded and newly introduced educational programmes speak volumes about their mettle.

Outward Bound Programs (OBP)

New Al Wurood and Al Khozama blaze the trails of futuristic educationAl Khozama International School, Dammam and New Al Wurood International School, Jeddah offers exciting outward-bound residential programs every year for boys and girls separately.

The OBP organized by the schools last week in Al Baha helped the children to explore the nature, learn about the flora and fauna, develop a sense of adventure and above all, inculcate interpersonal skills in them. In addition to this, they were exposed to a number of group activities and leadership training sessions under the supervision of teachers and experts in a residential setup to improve their self-management skills and life skills.

Visit to The heritage village of Thee Ain in Al-Baha was of immense historical value. Students had a marvelous opportunity to explore the well-preserved and authentic site comprised a distinctive cultural and natural landscape and distinct model of human adaptation to the natural environment.

Activities related to various subjects based on the curriculum were the other attractions of the camp. Trekking was one of the most enjoyable activities that students on adventure liked to indulge in. They saw it as a great bet for to keep their hearts happy, healthy and agile.

Scouts and Guides 17th National Jamboree —Mysuru, India.

Scouts and Guides of New Al Wurood and Al Khozama had the privilege of attending National Scouts Jamboree at Mysuru from Dec. 29 to Jan. 4. About 25,000 Scouts and Guides from India and another 2,500 from the neighboring countries along with accompanying Scoutmasters attended the great event! Contingents of New Al Wurood and Al Khozama brought back home extensive friendship, superior leadership skills and memories that will last a lifetime.

The adventure area of the Jamboree swarmed with participants who wanted to test their strengths and mettle. They were thrilled after taking part in the adventure activities and passionately recollected strenuous rope walking and barbed wire crawl.

Scouts and guides of both the schools had the privilege of attending the International Jamboree in Japan in 2015.

Rajya Puraskar and Rastrapathi Puraskar Awards

Nine Scouts and four Guides from New Al Wurood International School and two Scouts and three Guides from Al Khozama have been honored with Rajya Puraskar Award. They attended the test for the highest award, Rastrapathi Puraskar by Bharat Scouts and Guides, New Delhi which is simply an outstanding record as this achievement is unparalleled in the whole kingdom. The awards are the fruits of their hard work, dedication, discipline and recognition of their excellent work in the field of Social Service and Community Work.

Bunnies — the kiddie’s version of Scouting

Bunnies is the kiddie’s version of Scouts and Guides Program. The Bunnies boys and girls would become Cubs and Bulbuls between 7–10 years of age and later Scouts and Guides respectively. The specially carved out programs help the children involve in progressive discovery, acceptance of responsibility, and training towards the development of character, acquisition of competence, self- reliance, dependability, and capacities to cooperate and to lead. This is included as a part of the regular school curriculum so as to impart the life skills to the children of primary classes.

Cubs and Bulbuls

Both Al Wurood and Al Khozama believe Scouting is one of the greatest character factories and consciously yoke together different segments of scouting. They launched Cubs and Bulbuls program, the progressive advancement in scouting, designed to satisfy the needs of the students of age group between 5–10 years.

School level camps of the Cubs and Bulbuls are conducted to achieve the goals of scouting in which opportunities are provided to the Cubs and bulbuls to enjoy the specially carved out activities.