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“Rise and Drift” by Tangent for WonderGlass presented today at Maison et Objet, January 2017

  In an opening last week at Maison et Objet 2017, WonderGlass presented the installation “Rise and Drift” by Tangent, the London-based design brand established by innovative designer Hideki Yoshimoto.

 The installation “Rise and Drift” by Tangent for WonderGlass focuses on the organic shapes of water bubbles and the refraction of light. Tangent have also explored the complex way light transmits and reflects inside different materials.

  This work captures a dynamic moment and is reminiscent of air rising through the water hinting life underneath, a presence that we cannot see but just imagine. The display captures natural bubbles that contrast inside solid, geometric shapes. When light is casted, it transmits and reflects in a complex way inside the material, resulting in a beautiful visual effect.

 The different fixtures created by Tangent for the installation can be used as space dividers, lights, or chandeliers that cast beautiful shadows with light, including sunlight.

    For Maison et Objet 2017, WonderGlass are also previewing Luma by Zaha Hadid, a sculptural composition of tubular segments which subtly diffuse light through organic shapes which effortlessly celebrate the unrivalled logic and beauty found in nature. Each individual segment to the piece has been hand blown in Murano.

 First seen in 2014, the 2017 edition follows an ongoing liaison with Zaha Hadid’s team to create technical superiority as well as a more refined shape which in turn, throws a softer glow. Luma is now available to specify for both commercial and domestic markets.

 WonderGlass was founded in 2013 by Maurizio and Christian Mussati to join traditional craftsmanship with constantly developing modern designs and collaborations from the worlds of architecture, art and fashion.

 The board of creativity includes Claesson Koivisto Rune, Zaha Hadid studio, Jaime Hayon John Pawson, Dan Yeffet and Nao Tamura. All share WonderGlass’ vision to manufacture dream-a-like creations.

 WonderGlass is headquartered in London whilst the production remains mainly in Venice area. The aim is to challenge interior space with a new way of showcasing a light source: WonderGlass couples world-class design with personalised couture for the home.

 Tangent is a London-based design and invention brand established by Hideki Yoshimoto in 2015. The brand explores and proposes unique ideas which bring the latest technology to people’s lives. Interweaving technology with design at the most sophisticated level, Tangent promises a wholly novel yet somehow familiar experience.

 A tangent line does not dissect a curve but touches it at a given point. Respecting such gentleness and subtleness, as well as the power of the point of contact, the brand’s philosophy of “novel, familiar, luxury” is certainly reflected in their creations.

 Hideki Yoshimoto completed PhD in Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art, following the Master studies in aerospace engineering with focus on Artificial Intelligence and human-computer interaction at the University of Tokyo. Among a few he received recognitions of his inter-disciplinary knowledge such as Lexus design Award, Red Dot Design (Concept Best of the Best), Japanese Society of A.I. Best Paper Award.

 ‘Grace’: An exhibition by renowned photographer Joanne Savio 

The Art Gallery at NYU Abu Dhabi  announced the next show at its auxiliary venue, The Project Space. Presented in collaboration with the Trisha Brown Dance Company and the NYUAD Arts Center, Grace: A Retrospective of Dance Portraiture and Performance 1986-2004will showcase select works by NYU Abu Dhabi faculty member Joanne Savio, a prominent and respected American photographer.

 This exhibition of Savio’s work highlights a near twenty-year period where she continually returned to the dance world for inspiration. Her portraits include some of the most celebrated dancers and choreographers in the field.
A graduate of The Cooper Union in New York, Savio has been a photographer and teacher for nearly three decades. Her other work includes documentary projects, and portraiture work in the music industry and the arts. Savio’s work has been widely published in periodicals, journals, and books and her work is privately collected.

Savio has been an Arts Professor in the Film and New Media Program at NYU Abu Dhabi since 2010. Before coming to NYUAD she taught in the Film and Television Department at NYU since 1995. In 2002, she launched NYU’s first production courses in documentary filmmaking and photography in Havana, Cuba. These courses remain essential to the program today.

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 9th, 5:30 - 7:30 pm.

Compiled by Mariam Nihal