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Boy Meets World Tour

Boy Meets World Tour

Boy Meets World Tour Meet Drake, The Preacher

By Mariam Nihal

We are going to review a Drake concert in a new way. Primarily because time dictates  we must evolve and also because you can't really rate a genius.

So what do you typically expect from a Drake concert? A lifetime experience, his greatest hits, a crowd that loves him as much as you do, the best Snapchat story you will ever have and memories to cherish.  Tick those off and add a new one to the list. Inspiration. Salvador Dali once said: "A true artist is not the one who is inspired, but one who inspires others." Drake is famous for being the most relatable artist in the world but people haven't seen past that emotional layer.

Because from what you've only heard him do in music, he also does in person. He talks to you. Each and everyone of you. Just like this. He can stop at any point and shout out a fan waving to him. He will even thank you for wearing his merchandise just when you thought he won't even notice. Sure, that goes well with what we know about him being a gentleman, quite the charmer, an orator but what he is also, is an admirable preacher. Here is a list of things 14,000 people learned and were inspired by during his performance in Amsterdam.

Things Drake taught us during his show:


-We are his family

-Don't forget people who've been with you since day one.

-He used to sing John Legend songs at a restaurant while people ate and now he rocks sold out shows around the world.

-That anything is possible.

-To be grateful to God for your blessings.

-He loves us.

-He would take a stand for you the way Drake fans around the world do for him.

-He is proud of us. He is proud of everyone who doesn't let politics divide them, especially "at a time like this in the world where they try to convince us that there is all this hate and we are all divided."

-No president can divide us

-Drake's diverse audience standing around him, is proof people cannot be divided

-In fact he can unite us

-Don't let anyone or anything get in your way. Especially those "who don't want to see you happy, healthy or successful." And like every situation in life, there's a Drake song for it too. In this case, 'Energy' from Views.

And last but not least, just keep loving him. How can you not, after all that love he gives you and asks for nothing in return.

Drake will be performing in Europe till March 16.