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Don’t underestimate the economic power of Saudi women

Don’t underestimate the economic power of Saudi women

Muhammad Al-Waeel

By Muhammad Al-Waeel

The recent appointment of three Saudi women in high positions proves that women here have excelled at what they do and can play a pivotal role in the economy and even contribute to overall development.

The accomplishments of Saudi women have been recognized in the Kingdom and all over the world. Saudi women have excelled in different fields, such as diplomacy, medicine, science and economics. Some of them have made it to the top.

The latest appointments speak volumes about the capabilities of Saudi women. This simply shows that the government trusts the capabilities of these women and knows for sure that they will rise up to the occasion and perform their duties as perfectly as possible. In fact, these appointments refute all claims that Saudi women are incapable of holding high positions and erase any doubt about their skills.

Sarah Al-Suhaimi is the first woman to head the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul). She was appointed Chairwoman of Tadawul. Rania Nashar was appointed CEO of Samba Group to become the first Saudi woman to fill this position in the Kingdom. Latifah Al-Sabhan was named Chief Financial Officer by the Arab National Bank. These three women play a pivotal role in the decision-making process of all three financial institutions. They also play an influential role in the economy.

The first thing we should admit is that these appointments did not take place at random. They are the outcome of transparent, comprehensive and well-studied analyses that prove that these women have all that it takes to be appointed to these vital positions.

In fact, Saudi businesswomen play an influential role in the economy because they have a total investment of over SR60 billion, representing 21 percent of total investment in the private sector. They are an economic power that cannot be underestimated.

Entrusting Saudi women in such high positions has not happened for the first time. We have Dr. Nahed Taher who is the first Saudi woman to be appointed Economic Adviser to the National Commercial Bank. I am sure more Saudi women will be appointed to high positions in different fields in the near future.