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Sports are growing in importance in the Kingdom

Sports are growing in importance in the Kingdom

Al Madinah

By Lulu Al-Hebishi
Regardless of the false reports that state that Saudis have the highest rates of obesity and are most at risk of becoming diabetic, diabetes is now a global issue and we are part of it. Internet addiction, video games and fast food have harmed us.

The Ministries of Education and Health have announced a partnership to get school children healthy in order to decrease the rate of diabetes in the Kingdom. As part of the initiative, the Ministry of Education is offering advice and classes to children who are obese. It will also train staff within the health and education sector on how to prevent obesity and help people lose weight.

The Ministry of Health is preparing research related to obesity and it will arrange for health care centers to participate in the initiative and supervise school cafeterias. It will also have health staff in all schools and work on getting young people healthy. School cafeterias will also coordinate with the relevant authorities in motivating students to eat healthy food.

The Ministry of Education will also revise its curriculum to include the benefits of eating healthy and exercising in coordination with the Ministry of Health. It will also work on making students do physical exercise. I hope that the partnership also results in setting up gyms in schools.

Princess Noura University recently held a six-day Equestrian Carnival. The event took place on the university’s campus, which includes a racetrack. Princess Reema Bint Bandar, who is the head of the women’s section of the General Authority for Sports, sponsored the event. The carnival, which featured showjumping, included participants from Saudi Arabia and abroad. Both of these initiatives are glimmers of hope that sports are growing in importance in the Kingdom.