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Art Talk With Ayman Zedani

Art Talk With Ayman Zedani

Art Talk With Ayman Zedani

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By Mariam Nihal


Saudi artist Ayman Zedani showcased his recent art installation at Art Dubai during March 14-18. Titled Dubar from the series Azal, it features 24 clay cups with a liquid pigment that helps mark and encapsulates time. “It is part of the series I am working on right now, called Azal. The whole idea and what I am exploring is the concept of time. It is evident in all my works,” he told Saudi Gazette.


\Zedani studies the nature of the universe and in his new installation he explores the history and phenomenon of time. “Time is completely identified with existence. Time is not a kind of place where things exist or events happen, nor is it a shape of an instinctive knowledge. Time is existence itself.”

Explaining the mechanism, he said: “For instance the name of the day ‘Wednesday’ but the names of the old days, before we named them and what they are today. There are seven variations of them that deal with each day. They are made up of 24 cups and each cup has a liquid that bleeds out and covers a whole cup in a period of just that day. So by tomorrow you will have what I like to call ‘time encapsulating objects’ to have that moment of time in your hands,” he explained.

So how did he come up with the idea? “By accident. But I learn through observations. What I am going through as a human and being able to actualize what I feel and navigating through it.”