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Men's Fashion Trend: Statement Outerwear

Men's Fashion Trend: Statement Outerwear


By Mariam Nihal
Saudi Gazette



You simply can’t ignore one of the season's most progressive trends.


The trend right now fuses fashion influences from around the world with the unimaginable merger of street wear and high-end brands. No matter where you are or where you’re going, these pieces are a must for those who want to make a statement. We have collected some of the most hottest outerwear pieces running the fashion world and influencers right now. From footballers, singers, movie stars to the hottest rap artist, everyone is rocking the trend.




One of the hottest collaborators in the luxe category. Leaving no stone unturned, they are already taking over. Check out the Polizei-print paneled black leather jacket and their latest with Reebok in a contrast-panel hooded track jacket.





Saudis love Burberry. It would be great to see young men invest in more fashion forward pieces rather than sticking to what 60 plus like to dress like. Keep it simple with one piece and avoid the head-to-toe-Burberry look. Seek out their mid-length double-faced cashmere jacket in black and the classic cotton satin-twill field jacket with detachable wool bend liner jacket.



Saint Laurent


Unless you have been living under a rock, you should have gotten your hands on their camo jacket, which is a staple. But moving on to the new collection, their logo-print hooded cotton sweat-shirt is a bestseller and if you are looking to make a good investment this season go for the classic double-breasted black fur-trimmed wool coat.



Ermenegildo Zegna


A sweater can do wonders for your physique. Sweaters have unfortunately become the most disregarded fashion statement pieces in the region, but it is time to change that. Based on your body type, invest in a piece that accentuates your strengths and does not highlight your flaws. The loose-knit linen and cotton-blend sweater by Zegna is a winner.





There are things you cannot have enough of and denim jackets are definitely on top of that list. Check out Off-White’s ‘The End’ denim jacket and their hoodies this season.





This season is all about studs, camouflage and understated elegance with star-power. A statement look only works if the rest of your look keeps quiet.

Look for the basic must-have camouflage-intarsia cashmere sweater and the rock star untitled number-14 bomber jacket.





Logos have made a big comeback and you can see them on everyone- from runway models to instagram bloggers.


So just in case you were looking for a lightweight windbreaker jacket with the same star status, Balenciaga heard you. Check out their logo-print lightweight jacket in black.



Stone Island


All the rage in Europe right now with heavy duty outerwear to jackets you can throw on to t-shirts, Stone Island has something for everyone. Their sweatshirts with the compass logo on the arm is the bestseller.



It takes one sartorial moment of admiration to make you realize the potential of a jacket like this one. The Belstaff trailmaster waxed-cotton jacket can add sophistication to any outfit, even if thrown over jeans and a t-shirt.