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Diptyque launches Hourglass Diffuser

Diptyque launches Hourglass Diffuser

Diptyque launches Hourglass Diffuser

DIPTYQUE participated at Salone del Mobile for the first time with the launch of the Hourglass Diffuser.

The new Hourglass Diffuser is celebrated through a unique installation created by Felice Limosani, an internationally renowned Italian artist.

Felice is famous for his unexpected and impactful installations which play with light, sound and explore a wide range of materials, resulting in very modern creations, yet always carrying a strong poetic dimension. He defines himself as a story-teller. To that extent, his creative process echos the creative spirit of diptyque.

Felice draws his inspiration by observing the world around him and from time to time, shifting the focus of familiar objects to create new perspectives and self reflexion.

He instinctively understood the creative and disruptive approach of diptyque with the Hourglass, when creating a perfumed version of this universal object exploring passing time.

“It’s always a big pleasure to collaborate with a Brand of excellence.

The project I realized for diptyque is a dialogue with the sense of smell and time.

Two shapeless worlds to which I tried to give an aesthetic by working with evocative symbols such as the circle, the mirror, the Hourglass and sound.

Six circles nestled with each other, the mirror with its reflections, the evanescence of the scents permeating the space and most of all six translucent discs which invite the guests to interact by touching them.

A project which combines different languages like the design, the architecture of Palazzo Litta, the text written on the walls, the chromatism, by associating the fragrances with the passage of time and with the fantasy of people.” Said Felice Limosani

Turn to your Hourglass to soothe your soul, to claim a timeless moment of scented escape.

An unexpected diptyque object, that cherishes suspended time. Games of shapes and geometry, six colors for six different fragrances. In a mysterious movement from one end to the other, time is deployed in step with a cold- diffused fragrance drop by drop. This unique olfactory object with a patented process has a keen sense of detail and proportion.