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Beauty & Hair Trends

Beauty & Hair Trends

Beauty & Hair Trends

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By Mariam Nihal
Saudi Gazette

From the biggest names in the fashion world to fashion weeks and a loyal Middle Eastern clientele, hairdresser and star stylist Bert Visser is all about sophisticated elegance.

“I love to work with people from the Middle East because they have an elegant, sophisticated style which is exactly what my work stands for. Plus I love that type of hair,” Visser told Saudi Gazette.

He works with the latest trends but in a way that works for each client.

Working at his exclusive hair salon Meraki at one of the most prestigious luxury hotels in Amsterdam, Visser created a unique space that looks nothing like a typical salon. Even the entrance resembles a lobby of a five star hotel with high-end fashion magazines spread across a coffee table by a leather sofa that serves as a waiting area.

“I have been in the hairdressing industry for 10 years. I knew at a very young age that I wanted to be a hairstylist. When I was 14-years-old I started working in a salon and after a lot of training, I became a hairstylist. Salon work on its own was too boring for me so I was also focusing on styling when it came to fashion shows and photo shoots.”

As a creative artist who dedicated his teenage years learning the ropes of styling in the fashion industry, it is no surprise that Visser has a different approach to styling.   “The thing that I love so much is that I meet so many inspiring people through my work wherever I am. Creating art is what I do with hair.”

He said he views hair as an accessory and the focus has to be on the person not on the hair.

“My signature for men and women is that I try to make a natural, sophisticated and elegant look that suits the person and makes the personality stronger.”  This also brings up the biggest challenge for him as a stylist. “The most challenging thing is to make people stronger in their style and not to copy someone else. Everyone has to be unique.”

Discussing the latest hairstyle trends for men, he described the dos and don’ts.  “What I see at the moment on the street and in fashion shows is that the man of the moment is wearing his hair in different ways. Short or long- everything is possible this season. The texture of the hair can be very messy or wavy. The clean wet gel look is no longer cool!”

The expert told us that the most important thing with hair care is to find the best shampoo and conditioner what works for your hair. “My favorite brand is Christophe Robin. It is natural, clean and the most important thing for me is that it works!”

Visser has worked for fashion weeks including shows for Givenchy, Dior, Valentino and many more.

“Every show I have worked for was special. When I started work in the fashion world, I became an assistant for Luigi Murenu my mentor and inspiration. When I asked to assist him during fashion week, it was my first show, which turned out to be for Givenchy and it was an amazing experience.”

Apart from hair, his passion and enthusiasm also lies in fashion. Visser loves statement pieces, has a great sense of fashion and one wouldn’t be surprised that his style icon is John Galliano. “At the moment he is designing for the brand Margiela. His choice for colors, fabrics and style really inspire me.”

Currently Visser is focused on salon trainings and styling tasks. “I hope to bring it to the highest international level. I started working with more international names when it comes to fashion. My dream is to be the leader for the big shows during fashion weeks in Paris or Milan with my experience and hard work.” You can book appointments online or reach him through his website.

Salon Meraki is located below the Dutch niche beauty concept store Skins Cosmetics. Skins Cosmetics offers a unique collection of world renowned niche beauty brands, varying from Diptyque to Le Labo fragrances, Hermès and Aesop.