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Saleh prepares plan to confront Houthis, retake Sanaa

Saleh prepares plan to confront Houthis, retake Sanaa

Ali Abdullah Saleh

Aden — General People’s Congress and its Chairman Ali Abdullah Saleh have prepared a plan to confront Houthi militias following reports that militia leader Abdulmalik Al-Houthi intended to kill the former president.

Members of the General People’s Congress asked Saleh to review all secret agreements with the Houthis in preparation for disengagement, according to sources.

Saleh has given the green light to his media to discredit Abdulmalik Al-Houthi and expose him before Yemeni citizens.

Informed sources in Sanaa said that during a recent meeting with a number of members of the General People’s Congress, Saleh threatened to sell Al-Houthi to the Arab Coalition if his demands were not met, describing the Houthi militias as extremists.

Saleh also gave the green light to Yemen Al-Youm TV channel to attack the Houthi group, host its opponents and victims and expose it before the Yemeni citizens showing its relationship with Iran and that it sold Yemen to Tehran cheaply.

He asserted that the Houthi militia is just a band of thieves seeking spoils, posts of ministers and funds.

These are clear signs that he is ready to fight the Houthi militia if he has a deal from whatever party to stop the war.

This is the first action from Saleh against the Houthi coup militia after the group’s escalation against him and his followers.

Saleh is currently studying a plan to regain control of Sanaa from the grip of the Houthis. — SG