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A Hotel For All Seasons

A Hotel For All Seasons

A Hotel For All Seasons

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By Mariam Nihal
Saudi Gazette

If there’s a hotel in London that diligently caters to the Arab audience, it’s the Four Seasons. Get ready to discover your next favorite hotel. It is safe to say that Arab hospitality standards, now taken to new levels by the UAE have really spoiled the Middle East traveler.

We know what we want but our expectations grow ten-fold when traveling to the same brand abroad. Used to lavish landscapes back home, the first problem we encounter is limited space. That’s the most common one. But at Four Seasons, all the elaborate and standard problems cease to exist. From the way you are greeted at the door all the way to your Rolls Royce chariot experience, which serves as the house car for its guests, they know how to treat you better.

Arabs are known to love extravagance and are notoriously famous for it in big cities like London. But the truth is, there is no truth to it. Arab travelers are used to quality and because standards are set so high in the region, they expect the same wherever they go. Compromise isn’t what you are expecting when you check into a five star address; it is more about ‘impress me’ now.

With that mindset, it is surprisingly difficult to find hotels in London, one of the luxury capitals in the world, that can deliver on that front.

Four Seasons London at Park Lane undeniably gets it right. From its prestige location on Park Lane, to the way it is designed for luxury and unforgettable moments, the hotel delivers on its promise. The Mayfair suite, offers one of the most stunning views in the city. With a glass wall overlooking Park Lane and Hyde Park, the revolving sofa chairs welcome you to the best afternoon tea experience within the comfort of your room. The hotel beds are exactly what you want; it is like falling into quicksand, except by choice and you wish to remain there, in the luxury of cloudlike pillows that drown you into peaceful enviable sleep.

At this point you have decided that tomorrow will be cancelled and nothing beats the point you are at. The most you are willing to compromise is your journey to the spa on the 10th floor. And this again becomes a bargaining experience making it harder for you to leave. Not only do they offer one of the best massage experiences but also it is what follows that you need to dwell upon. These are the sleeping pods you want to be carried out into outer space in. Don’t be surprised to find yourself curled up in fetus position and spend hours lost in limbo in their relaxing rooms. But lets not forget the most important facet of a hotel stay, their room service. Breakfast in bed or dinner at their fine dining restaurant Amaranto, choose your pick and know you are not going to be disappointed. Of course when at some point, you do decide to get curious about the outdoors, you have Nobu and Hard Rock as your friendly neighbors, ready to serve you a good time until you start missing your new found home in London.

The hotel has 193 luxury guest rooms, including 42 suites some that include private terraces with stunning park and city views. The rooms depict a classical contemporary ambiance designed by interior designer Pierre-Yves Rochon, yet stay true to the Four Seasons vibe and culture with sophistication and modernity.

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Indulge In Suite Season

Stay in one of their luxurious suites, many of which have stunning views over the London skyline or Hyde Park, and receive a Hotel credit towards Hotel food and beverage charges or spa treatments. You also get One Hotel credit per stay, depending on the suite category reserved (Westminster or Mayfair Suite: GBP 100; Ambassador, Deluxe or Park Suite: GPB 200; Grand, Terrace or Garden Suite: GBP 300; The Blue Suite or Presidential Suite: GBP 400). This offer requires a two-night stay. Credit applies once per suite, per stay.