UAE says it sent military recruits to Yemen island for drill

UAE says it sent military recruits to Yemen island for drill

Socotra Island, Yemen

DUBAI – The United Arab Emirates says it sent military recruits for training on a Yemeni island where its troops have been stationed.

UAE’s state-run WAM news agency on Monday night described the training on Socotra Island as “intensive,” saying it included battle skills, weapons training and first aid.

UAE forces and aid organizations have been on Socotra Island, which sits near the mouth of the Gulf of Aden, since a deadly cyclone struck in November 2015. It represents a crucial choke-point and has seen recent attacks from Somali pirates.

UAE ministry denies plans to import icebergs from Antarctica

The UAE’s Ministry of Energy has released a statement confirming that no icebergs will be imported from another country in response to recent rumors that icebergs would be brought from Antarctica.

An Abu Dhabi based company had announced earlier this month plans to tow icebergs to be used as drinking water to the shores of Fujairah.

However, the ministry said that there is no truth to such news. “As the authority in charge of water affairs, it would like to confirm that such news is just a rumour,” the ministry said.

The ministry also put reports that water was being imported through a pipeline from another country to rest - state news agency WAM reported. – Agencies