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Importance of hydration and water

Importance of hydration and water

Importance of hydration and water

Water is vital for life. It hydrates, regulates the body’s temperature, cushions and protects vital organs, provides flexibility to joints, and aids the digestive system.

For adults, the recommended daily water intake is around two liters, roughly around eight glasses. For children, it’s around one liter, roughly five-six glasses.

Recommended daily consumption of course increases during hot weather and after rigorous physical activity.

Dehydration signals include a dry and sticky mouth, an unexplained headache, or feeling overly thirsty. Our bodies are 70% water, and losing as little as 2% of that leads to dehydration.

Water remains the best hydration source, and should comprise most fluid intake. Hydration can also be supported through the consumption of various items, including milk and yogurt, 100% unsweetened fresh Juice, and some fruits and vegetables.

Parents who struggle with maintaining a child’s optimum hydration may want to:

Make water available! Keep water containers and cups handy, a bottle to take to school, one to take to gym, others on the table, in the living room, and next to bed.

Give children less quantity more frequently: Offer fluids to children in small amounts several times a day, for a final tally that adds up!

Eliminate competition! When a child opens the fridge and finds infinite variations of soft drinks, water will be the least preferred option! Keep soft drinks for special occasions, generally clearing them out of the fridge and living room.

Make water-drinking fun! Use the right containers: bright colored, animal shaped cups or bottles stimulate a child’s interest. If a child’s younger, then heavy duty colored cups with strong plastic lids can be dropped without the trauma of them breaking!

Teach children, as they get older, how to recognize signs of dehydration.

Practice rewarding: Place a board in the kitchen, marking every time a child has a drink of water, and offer rewards when daily needs are met.

Last but not least, be a child’s role model. If soft drinks are all you are drinking, then this is what the child will want! After all, don’t all children look up to adults? Be up to healthy standards and drink more water! Your children are counting on you!

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