Burgundy For The Leading Man

Burgundy For The Leading Man

Burgundy For The Leading Man

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By Mariam Nihal
Saudi Gazette

The first thing you notice about suits – prior to the cut, fit, style or other proportions – is the color. And right now, it is all about that rich burgundy.

Bordering on brown with the right combination of berry burgundy, this color is an absolute winner. Not is it just an unusually stunning color for suits but now that we see more of it, we can’t help but wonder where it has been all this time.

Well tailored and born to make a statement anywhere you go, burgundy suits are seen on the red carpet, stage shows and now in high fashion magazines. It is an instant star-maker and head-turner. If you are about to turn that inner fashion siren up- way up, pair it with a burgundy suit.

Men’s suits are no longer simple; multi-layered, embracing more patterns and styles. So make sure the pairing and accessories are on point to nail this look.

This week we look at men who look just as sharp on the streets as they do on the red carpet or the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. From Ryan Gosling, Atif Aslam, Harry Styles and Hasan Minhaj, the boys suited-up for a sophistically bold affair- all in burgundy.

You can pair the suit with loafers, leather boots, Derby shoes or classic brogues, keeping a watch as the basic and only accessory. The stars show you how to keep it simple whether you wear it with a buttoned down light blue shirt, or a striped t-shirt for the carefree charm. The suit is your statement piece, don’t confuse the look by adding ostentatious shoes or belts, which will take away from the beauty of it all. Have fun and experiment with bold looks that accentuate your style and help take your self-confidence to the next level.