Little Laila’s painful story with a pedophile

Little Laila’s painful story with a pedophile

Hala Al-Qahtani

By Hala Al-Qahtani

LAILA was playing with other girls in front of her house located in a modest village on the outskirts of the bustling city. She was playing with little stones which she had collected from the earth, the only thing that nature offered them at no cost.

Laila did not know that a bearded man was watching her regularly with the intent of marrying her to fulfill his lust. He was looking for a young snow white girl and did not care whether the girl had reached puberty to shoulder the responsibilities of a wife.

He wanted to purchase Laila like chicken from her poor family, which was finding it difficult to make both ends meet and the girl used to beg for her poor parents. The man spent a few months luring his prey like a pig, giving her something to taste in order to swallow the whole family.

The pedophile married that girl and took her to his place. After several months, the girl became pregnant, which spoiled his plan. He wanted to use Laila as a slave to fulfill his sexual pleasure and work as a housemaid. The man thought of discarding Laila to look for another prey.

His mother supported him to terminate Laila’s pregnancy by forcing her to clean the big house regularly and carry heavy weight without considering her condition. Although children would be usually weak in carrying out such household works, Laila tried her best to make angry faces happy. But nothing could please those cruel hearts. The painstaking job finally led to miscarriage.

When she became pregnant for the second time, that cruel man asked her to take pills to abort the fetus again. When refused, she was subjected to mental and physical torture.

At that time the girl did not realize that pedophiles like him empty their mental illness by marrying minors from poor countries and keeping them away from their families. She did not understand the reason for the man’s anger and why she was mistreated?

Laila insisted that she would not agree for abortion.

She was unaware that the hyena would suck her blood and her baby and abandon her in the desert. This is what actually happened. Overnight, his mother, who brought him up on hatred, selfishness and haughtiness, advised him what to do to get rid of Laila.

The man started beating Laila, accused her of having extramarital affair with another man and found pleasure in torturing her savagely. As a result, Laila fell unconscious. He sprinkled water on her face, and when she woke up he did not show any mercy. On the other hand, he continued to beat her in order to admit that she became pregnant through adultery.

Laila vowed that she did not have any extramarital affair. Then he threatened to kill her by cutting her throat using a sharp knife for committing the crime of fornication.

She collapsed from pain, and said all that was dictated as false confessions. Laila returned to her place that evening burdened by pain and injury, like the survivor of a treacherous war shell. She fell like a dry tree leaf in the season of sorrow, having been deprived of her three children, becoming divorced while she was still a minor, before completing 17.

When a man intends to marry a minor from an Arab country (the man is 20 years older than her) after deliberately choosing that little girl from a poor family it cannot be considered charity or assistance to her family. On the other hand, it violates the highest human values.

I don’t know how these people dare to defend their nefarious act by narrating the story of Prophet’s marriage with Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, without considering the ugliness of his thought, like many others, who show piety after exploiting the poverty of people. Even after violating innocence of a child they wanted to equate themselves with prophets.

The Saudi government under the leadership of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman did justice to Laila and other mothers, as the Council of Ministers granted Saudi children the right to permanent residence in the Kingdom on its sponsorship. The state paid the fees for resident permits and treated them like Saudis in terms of medical treatment, education and work.

The evil-minded people not only deprive mothers of seeing their children but also question the honor and chastity of their wives without knowing they tarnish the reputation of their own children, only to become the winner in the end. Whatever be the type of these hyenas, we can rightly say that it’s a species that knows only brutality.