Saher makes people more civilized

Saher makes people more civilized

Muhammad Al-Yammi

By Muhammad Al-Yammi

Many Saudis are talking these days about the Automated Traffic Control and Management System (Saher) and how it is going to issue tickets to drivers who do not wear seat belts.

Saher cameras are linked to the Central Information Center at the Traffic Department. If a driver commits a violation, such as driving over the speed limit or running through a red light, then his vehicle registration number will be captured and a fine will be issued. A large number of Saudis are worried that they will be issued traffic fines if they use their cell phones while driving or when stopped at a traffic light.

In fact, many have reservations about where Saher cameras are located and complain that they are hidden where drivers cannot see them. I think people have the right to complain. However, we have to look at the bigger picture. We have to look at the results of Saher. Ever since this system was introduced, a large number of drivers have stopped driving fast inside cities for fear that they will be fined and end up paying a lot of money.

I think Saher will make many drivers comply with the Kingdom’s traffic rules and will call on drivers to wear seat belts and not use cell phones when driving. Those who falsely claim that the government is the big winner from Saher because the system generates a lot of revenue are completely wrong. If we look at this matter from a strictly economic perspective, we find that the government loses more from road accidents by not having Saher than what it earns from having the system. For example, if an accident happens, the government is obliged to provide healthcare to the injured. It has a duty to take care of widows and orphans who lose parents in road accidents. The government ends up bearing the cost of accidents. The best result for Saher, in my opinion, lies in the fact that it makes people more civilized. Wearing a seat belt when behind the wheel is a sign of being civilized and being aware of road safety. Saher will make people stop using their cell phones when driving. Unfortunately, many drivers have become addicted to talking on the phone when behind the wheel of a car.

I would like to say to those who view Saher as a moneymaking system to think smart. If you think the system is like that, then all you have to do is stop committing traffic violations and follow the traffic rules. We have to realize that the government lays down laws and rules in order to organize our lives and maximize our safety and security.