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Should we memorize or understand?

Should we memorize or understand?


COUNTRIES are ranked by the extent that they care about education. Education affects the rise and fall of nations. I believe raising a human is more important than raising a scientist with an empty soul. Education is there to instill beliefs, attitudes, morals, religion and knowledge. To enlighten and enrich minds and souls with favorable things that contribute to building humans with morals is more important than senseless doctors.

People look for high statuses, money and becoming icons, which is good but only to an extent. Parents emphasize school grades more than what the kid has learned. When the educational system is grade-oriented instead of intellectually-oriented, some of those coming out of the system are ultimately going to be easily deceived and have corrupt thoughts and minds, such as those affiliated to ISIS and its like. I think education must guide people and teach them in a way that information sinks into them, leaving them without any suspicion or doubt.

The elementary level should not be grade-oriented. This is the time when beliefs should be instilled without any concern for passing or failing. When kids are only concerned with grades, I am sure they will be in the mood to memorize information, which they would then be erased from their memories once the exam is over.

Moreover, the relationship between teachers and students should be one of trust and not fear. The teacher and students should be treated as equal. Ideas, thoughts, and questions should not be feared, in that way we would be in a position to help correct what is wrong from the beginning.

I believe that the educational system in most of the Arab world should be reformed in a way that it becomes similar to the educational system in Finland. The coming generation is so scary in the sense that they stand for nothing and so they will fall for everything. When an individual believes in something, holds to it and it is right, then no one will be able to change it.

No matter what happens that individual will still hold to that belief, try to protect it and teach it to the coming generations. The Qur’an and Sunnah are the basis to build on, and if the educational system focuses on that, I can assure everybody that the Renaissance of Muslims will soon arrive. Nevertheless, if we still think along the lines of should we be memorizing or understanding, then nothing will change.

Rawan Balahmar