Be careful when judging others



Some people judge others based on some specific criteria without viewing the larger picture. If they like a certain thing in someone, then they compliment that person. On the other hand, if they do not like a certain thing, then they start criticizing and ruining that person’s reputation. People tend to judge others based on their own criteria.

Some people are judged according to their appearance, beliefs, views on certain topics, or reaction to certain issues. There are some people who consider that the man who prays his five obligatory daily prayers is an angel no matter what wrong that man does. So, even if he fails to maintain family ties or does not treat people respectfully, he still remains an angel.

On the other hand, you find some people who judge smokers to be corrupt people with no hope of guidance. This is the case even if the person prays, fasts, maintains family ties and treats people respectfully.

Judging others is, unfortunately, based on certain elements. If the person has these elements, then he is considered to be a good person and if he does not then he is considered to be bad. Some people forget that following God’s commands is not just limited to praying, fasting, paying Zakat and performing Haj. They forget that God also ordered us to treat our parents kindly, speak well of others, smile at people, treat family and people kindly, reject bribes, be humble, take care of public property and work honestly.

People who forget to truly follow God’s orders might only pray, fast, pay Zakat and perform Haj. They may never smile at people, never speak well of others, never help people and never be patient. They believe that they can do certain things while others are not allowed to do them, including some forbidden things in Islam. This is totally contradictory and if you ever think of confronting such people, then they will have excuses ready.

Judging others has resulted in divisions and separation. We need to be aware of the consequences in order to protect society from collapsing.