Summer travel photography tips using your iphone


With the heat is approaching fast, most of us have a summer holiday planned, whether it’s a ‘stay-cation’, a family road trip, or a vacation somewhere around the world. Regardless of the destination, you will want to document the whole journey, from the moment you leave your home to the moment you land. The best way to do it is by taking out your iPhone and capturing the perfect shots that tell the story of your journey be it amongst family and friends, exploring new places, or visiting key landmarks. If you want photographs of your travels to be good and lasting, with as many likes on Instagram as you can get, here are some top travel photography tips you can use on your iPhone.

1. Research your destination, in advance – To be able to capture great photos, you have to do your homework and research the location you’re visiting, before you get on the plane. Make sure to know the famous landmarks, popular activities and areas with natural beauty. If you’re traveling to New York for example, you have to see Times Square or visit Central Park. Your research will help you identify great spots that make the most artistic shots.

2. Prepare your camera – Before you hit the road, prepare your iPhone for the trip. First of all, make sure to setup your iCloud account and back-up your iPhone in case you break it or it gets stolen. Activate your iCloud photo library to kick start the backing-up process and optimizing your iPhone storage so you are able to take as many photos as you want.

3. Shoot the golden hours – Shooting the sunrise and sunset tend to be the most vibrant and artistic pictures, where you enjoy a mix of vivid colors that create a beautiful background for any subject. Simply arrive before sunset, use the sun to front-light your subject, tap and slide to lower exposure, and shoot.

4. Capture portraits of the local culture – An awesome way to document the spirit of your destination is to take portrait photos of the local culture. As photos look more meaningful when they convey a sense of depth as it helps to draw the viewer’s eye into the scene. To get this effect you can use the Portrait Mode feature available on iPhone 7 Plus which gives an artistic edge to your shot. Try shooting portraits of local people and their popular cultural items at markets.

5. Rule of Thirds – The key for taking symmetrical photos is simple. All you need to do is turn on grid-in settings on your iPhone, which will divide your screen with horizontal and vertical lines. If you are in front of an architectural landmark or just an intriguing door, try to stand exactly at the center, pay attention to the grid so everything is distanced equally, and take the shot.

6. Shoot Vertical Panorama – To get an interesting and unusual twist to your photo, try shooting Vertical Panoramas! You can capture the whole object, including yourself, in one shot. For example, try photographing a full rocky mountain as the background of your photo simply by launching your camera on landscape mode, switching to Pano mode and then shooting from the bottom Pan slow and steady. We guarantee the results will be incredible.

7. Record fun Slow Motion videos – You can also capture slow motion video, to see every back flip or water drip, during your trip. Slow motion can make almost any video fun to watch with a completely different experience. Simply launch the camera app and swipe to the right twice to select Slo-Mo mode.

8. How to shoot action shots - Tell a story with your photos – Since a photo speaks a thousand words, your travel photography is the perfect way to tell your trip story. It will not only help you recall your memories from the trip but allow the viewer to relate to your photo while wondering about the story that lies behind it. To help you tell your story in an action environment, hold the shutter button to use Burst mode on the iPhone 7 then access your photos and select your favourite shot. Always remember patience is key. So wait for the light, wait for the crowd, wait for the perfect shadow.

9. Customize your Memories – It’s always nice to compile your pictures in one video to recall the memories of your kid’s first bicycle ride or his first day at school. But did you know that you can simply customize those videos with your iPhone by tapping Memories in the Photo app, hit play, and then scroll to change Moods to choose what suits your style.