KSMC adopts sustainable solutions to minimize paper wastage, cut operative costs


RIYADH – King Saud Medical City (KSMC) has partnered with InfoFort, an Aramex company and leading information management solution provider in the Middle East and Africa, to raise awareness and drive action on paper recycling efforts through GreenBox – a sustainable initiative that aims to change people’s paper consumption habits.

The agreement supports KSMC’s "Change starts with you" campaign, which focuses on environmental and recycling issues and was developed in line with the Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 to develop environmentally friendly cities.

Commenting on the new initiative, CEO of King Saud Medical City, Haitham Alfalah, said: “Installing the GreenBox has not only raised awareness across all the hospital departments, it has also encouraged our staff to become active participants in finding sustainable solutions to minimize paper wastage and reduce operational costs.”

GreenBox is a 100 per cent eco-friendly and free-of-charge service provided by InfoFort, across the Middle East region. The initiative aims to educate businesses on paper recycling benefits and create awareness on paper wastage and its impact on our environment. It seeks to bring about a sustainable change in an organization’s paper consumption and recycling habits, which, if not managed effectively, can lead to an adverse impact on the environment in the long-term.

On signing-up for a GreenBox, InfoFort will deliver and setup the boxes within three working days, with its contents recycled on a monthly basis. The organization will receive a monthly automated analysis report that will highlight the positive impact of an organization’s recycling effort on the environment.

GreenBox measures an organization’s environmental impact, as a direct result of their recycling activities. Each GreenBox can recycle 30 kilograms of paper per month, resulting in savings equivalent to 210 gallons of water – or half a tree – and contributes to a sustainable eco-system by offsetting the region’s carbon footprint.

Over the last three years, GreenBox has contributed to recycling paper wastes equivalent to 2,759 trees, 1,131,305 gallons of water, 64,463 gallons of oil, and helped offset 2,759 tons of C02e emission.

Referring to the new partnership, Wissam Achmar, General Manager of InfoFort, said: “We are excited to be collaborating with the King Saud Medical City and to be making a sustainable and long-term difference to their recycling efforts.”

“As the world continues to inch towards a digital future, it is vital for organizations to rethink their paper consumption and waste management mechanisms. The GreenBox initiative aims to address these concerns by contributing to the region’s sustainability and environmental goals.”

“King Saud Medical City is working toward becoming an environmentally friendly city by adopting a series of sustainability programs that are in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision. In addition to GreenBox, we have signed several agreements, including one with the National Water Company and the Saudi Council for Green Building and we look forward to working closely with the relevant organizations to build awareness and preserve the environment for our future generation,” Dr. Alfalah added.

Critical data:

• 10% of the world’s population consumes over 50% of the world’s paper

• Paper production accounts for approximately 35% of felled trees

• Paper recycling causes 74% less air pollution, and 35% less water pollution compared to producing virgin paper

• Paper consumption in the average business is growing by an average. of 22% each year. — SG