SEC planning to increase electrical jobs for Saudis


RIYADH — Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) confirmed that it is working on implementing a future strategy to increase the employment opportunities for national cadres in the field of electrical industries in the Kingdom based on two axis: The first one about training and qualifying thousands of Saudi youth at its various institutes to work for the company or other employers. The second one about converting the Kingdom into a promising regional market in the field of electrical industries, and attracting international plants and companies in order to provide employment opportunities for qualified youth in the field.

Thanks to the qualified national expertise and competencies, the company has realized a number of achievements and outstanding figures at the local and international levels, it said, adding that its experience in the field of electrical energy and its vision about localization of jobs in such vital sector is pioneering, and is considered one of the best five companies at attracting national competencies in the Kingdom. It confirmed that Saudi engineers and technicians are in charge of operation and management of facilities and power plants and implementation of various projects, who have proved that the national cadres are capable of competing at international levels.

It highlighted the role played by its various training institutes for almost 30 year and its efforts in developing capabilities of thousands Saudi youth to work for the company and other employers, as well as providing the various company's activities with their needs for all technical and administrative specialties, the matter which contributes to raising localization rates and commitment to quality training in line with the company requirement. It pointed out that the process of evaluating employees and trainees is in accordance with the latest specialized programs that primarily aims at work quality and employees' benefits that guarantee job stability and attract national talents and competencies.

"The company's plans and programs, whether at the level of developing the employees and their capabilities and supporting job stability, or at the level of current and future plans and expansion of electrical projects in the Kingdom, have placed the SEC at the top of electric energy companies in the Middle East and North Africa region. This enabled us to start implementing strategic plan to convert the Kingdom into a promising regional market in the field of electrical industries, the plan which is at the heart of the Kingdom Vision 2030 for restructuring the national economy, diversifying its outputs and reducing dependence on oil", it added.

The SEC pointed out that it aims to increase jobs for the national cadres in the field of electrical industries in the Kingdom in general and not only within the company by opening new plants and therefore creating jobs opportunities in the private sector, as well as attracting international companies specialized in electrical industries and spare parts. It is a strategic goal the company seeks to implement through the vision of converting the Kingdom into a promising center for electrical industries in the region, preceding by existence of qualified national cadres who are capable of working in these plants and companies and benefiting from international expertise and latest technologies used in them. — SG