Hamadaniya residents grapple with many development issues

Residents of Hamadaniya district in Jeddah depend on water trucks to meet their daily requirement. — Courtesy Al-Madina

Saudi Gazette report

JEDDAH – Residents of Hamadaniya district of Jeddah have called upon the pertinent authorities to implement development projects to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood, Al-Madina newspaper reported.

Most of the residents interviewed by Al-Madina said the neighborhood’s pavements were in a dilapidated state and basic services rarely existed.

Ghorman Al-Shehri has said Al-Hamadaniya is a relatively new district that has witnessed a big urban development movement in the last five years. Today, it is a densely populated district. However, some of the basic services are not available in the neighborhood, he added.

Saud Al-Ali says the neighborhood grapples with infestation of rats, which come from the rainwater stagnating in a watercourse located near the neighborhood.

A pedestrian bridge should be built over the watercourse to help people cross over, he said.

Al-Ali hopes the authorities would be more receptive of their demands this time and take swift action to solve the problems that the neighborhood continues to suffer from.

Adel Al-Zahrani complained that the streets of the neighborhood are not organized, posing great dangers to the residents. Many accidents take place because the streets intersect with one another where they should not. Besides, most of the streets do not have stoplights. "Traffic should be organized and safety measures should be taken to reduce the frequency of accidents," said Al-Zahrani.

Mansour Al-Harbi, a resident, complained that there are no public parks in the neighborhood where families can spend valuable time with their children.

He also said there were no traffic signs to warn drivers against dangerous curves or intersections.

"That is why first-time visitors of the neighborhood account for most of the accidents that take place in the area. A sewage network should be built for the neighborhood while lighting should be provided for all pavements," Al-Harbi said.

Dr. Bassam Akhdar, a member of the local municipal council, said some members of the council visited the neighborhood, met the residents and listened to their complaints and suggestions.

“We are working with the pertinent authorities to solve the problems this neighborhood suffers from, which include asphalting and lighting of streets as well as landscaping,” Akhdar said.