Cleaner impersonates doctor in Kuwait for years


Kuwait City — Social media users in Kuwait are buzzing about a Bengali cleaner who worked as a doctor at the ministry of health using forged papers and by impersonating a Kuwaiti doctor who left the country is 1982.

The news surfaced when Kuwaiti lawyer Hani Hussein tweeted that in the next few days “a Kuwaiti doctor who’s a fraud and who’s actually Bengali and who works at Al-Sabah Hospital will be arrested.”

“He replaced the photo of a Kuwaiti doctor who immigrated to New Zealend in 1982 with his own photo,” he added without disclosing the name.

According to Hussein, the counterfeiter Bengali managed to pass several medical tenders which got him promoted at the ministry.

“The brother of a current Kuwaiti Member of Parliament helped him. Both men have been out of sight since the news came in,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ahmad al-Shatti, a spokesperson at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health said the ministry is taking what’s been published seriously.

According to some information that circulated online the Bengali did several plastic surgeries to look like the Kuwaiti doctor who immigrated to New Zealand and whom no one heard from since then.

The counterfeiter worked in the Kuwaiti ministry of health for years and he was promoted to several posts including senior ones.

The Bengali’s real identity was exposed when a Bengali worker who works at his office overheard him talk on the phone in fluent Bengali and mention his intentions to run for parliament in Bangladesh by using the money he saved while working at the health ministry in Kuwait. — Al Arabiya English