Protesters demonstrate outside Qatar’s embassy in Brussels

File photo of a protest against Qatar.

Brussels — Demonstrators protested on Saturday outside Qatar’s embassy in Brussels against Doha’s support for terrorism and its approach to fuel conflicts around the world.

The demonstrators demanded Qatar to stop its funding of extremist group and change its policy of harboring terrorist, UAE news agency WAM reported.

Demonstrators waved signs that called for international action against states that support extremism, including Qatar.

The demonstrators expressed support to the steps taken by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt to confront Qatar’s provocations and policies to foment tensions in the Arab region.

Meanwhile, the Global Campaign Against Qatar's Financing of Terrorism, GCAQFT, has prepared a dossier on the violations committed by the Bashar Al-Assad regime and the Qatar government against educational institutions and students in Syria, which will be submitted to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The dossier states that Qatar’s financing of terrorist groups in the conflict areas in some Syrian towns and villages led to the closure of several schools and educational institutions, depriving millions of Syrian students of learning.

This came on Sunday when Dr. Yousif Omer, Official Spokesman for the Campaign, inaugurated an art exhibition in Vienna of paintings by Syrian refugee children and students.

Omer said the paintings depicted the negative impact of denying children the right to education under the Syrian regime's systematic practices and due to Qatar’s financing of terrorist groups that are fighting in the country.

The dossier will be submitted to UNESCO, as the international authority on such issues, to put an end to the unethical violations committed by Qatar through financing terrorism in Syria and prolonging the war there. — Agencies