Why is there such chaos in our mosques?



There are certain noticeable cultural features that make countries distinct from each other. In our Islamic society, we find that mosques make us distinct. Other societies may be known for their theaters and churches. In Islamic countries, mosques occupy a very special place in the hearts of Muslims who use mosques to pray, ask for guidance, listen to religious lectures and discuss social issues. Mosques are the houses of God and are the perfect places to pray and read the Holy Qur’an.

Despite mosques occupying this important position in society, it is unfortunate to find most mosques messy and unorganized. Just take a look at the areas surrounding our mosques, including the washrooms and shoe areas. I am not talking about the mosques on highways because some of these mosques are totally different. It is not even acceptable to identify some of them as mosques.

Inside mosques, we find that people are very concerned when it comes to standing and listening to the imam. However, you find people parking their cars outside in the wrong place, in front of the entrance to houses, on the grass and on sidewalks. Cars often block other cars.

The disorganization is not limited to parking cars. You find some people leaving their shoes randomly at the entrance. Others bring babies who keep crying and, at times, make a mess.

During a recent Friday prayer, some people blocked the roads near the mosque I attend in my district. While the owners were inside praying, a local resident needed emergency treatment. His family called an ambulance and the paramedics could not get to the house because of the cars that were parked in front of it.

There is a huge difference between what happens inside a mosque and what happens outside. It is unbelievable how contradictory people are. What is the benefit of being organized for a few minutes in congregation while you have left chaos behind you? God is watching our prayers and every one of us all of the time, not just for the few minutes that we pray.