How your iPad Pro can be your travel companion 


There are lots of little things about the iPad Pro that make it an all-in-one travel companion. From being the perfect entertainment and reading devices on the plane to route planners for the next day’s activities and shooting vacation footage, here are 8 reasons your iPad Pro is to make your travels a better experience this summer.


Whether you’re traveling for three days or three months, you have to pack smart and carry only the essentials. The iPad Pro is just the right size to take with you wherever you go, hassle free. The new 10.5-inch model with a screen nearly 20 percent larger than the previous 9.7-inch model gives you more room to get productive, creative, and enjoy the perks. It’s low reflection rate and brightest display also makes it easy to use indoor or outdoor whether you’re on a flight to Paris or on the beach in Hawaii.

Battery life, battery life, battery life:

This is probably the most important feature all travelers need - longer battery life for all their devices. The iPad Pro’s all-day battery life means you won’t have to search for a power plug in mid-flight or during your lay-over time. The new A10X Fusion chip makes it an even more powerful device, efficiently offloading tasks to conserve power.

Stay connected:

When you travel, Apple SIM gives you the flexibility to stay connected in more than 180 countries and regions. When you reach your destination and want to check your email, find directions, or send a message back home, you can purchase a cellular data plan from you iPad Pro for however long you need it. So you can stay online even when you’re away from a WiFi hotspot.

Good fun for your kids:

Traveling with kids is fun but can get exhausting as they tend to get bored quite easily. By providing entertainment en route, whether on a plane, train or car, it is, however, manageable. With over 1.3 million apps designed just for iPad, you can download some educational apps from the App Store that not only keep your kids busy but also extend their learning.

Also entertaining for the parents:

It’s entertaining for the kids but there are also fun apps which are a good way to kill time on a flight for you as well. Try downloading a Netflix series, catching up on some reading, or even listening to some of your favorite podcasts.

Shoot, Edit, Share:

Document your whole adventure with iPad Pro’s 12-megapixel camera. Featuring the same great camera as iPhone 7, the iPad Pro is capable of capturing ultra-detailed still images and Live Photos of those touching family shots in wide color to bring more life to your photos. Edit your photos using apps such as Lightroom and finally share them with your friends and family so they can live the travel experience with you.

On-hand travel journal:

Nothing makes a trip more memorable and spiritually enriching than recording in a travel journal. For the creatives out there who like to draw inspiration from different destinations, you can use your iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to take your creativity to the next level during your trip. Try sketching the Brooklyn Bridge and Big Ben using apps like Procreate or writing your thoughts down using GoodNotes.

Getting things done:

Ideally we all want to switch off completely from work whilst we’re on vacation, but that doesn’t always happen. If you need to respond to a few emails or simply plan your travel itinerary for the day ahead, the iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard come in handy. Simply unfold the Smart Keyboard when you need it, attach it, and it is ready to go. Doing more than ever is also easier than ever with the multitasking feature on iOS 10. The split view opens up two apps side by side allowing you to work with them simultaneously. Calendar allows for organizing personal and work life in one place.