Apps to learn a language when traveling


During the holidays, many may need an app in hand to translate or learn everyday phrases in a foreign language. For travelers looking to connect with another country’s locals, here are the top apps to learn a foreign language in a fun and easy way:


This app features 19 languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, Arabic and more. It teaches through visual learning, not text. The lessons cover some illustrated common words of food, drinks, numbers, and phrases used when staying at a hotel. Its game-like use has attracted many to learn a language in a fun way by swiping and tapping on pictures. Just 5 minutes a day makes it a habit to quickly learn a language.


This interactive app connects you with other foreign speakers. Some 12 languages are featured with the help of millions of international native speakers helping you in pronunciation, grammar, speaking, writing, and other skills. Studies have shown that 16 hours of using Busuu have significantly improved elementary language skills!


One of the top rated apps in the App store, Duolingo’s mini-games design make it addicting to learn a language. In a fun competition, it jumps from brief lessons of grammar to vocabulary to writing to speech. Using bot technology, the app makes it interactive to use by recording your voice and having two-way communication.