Your Breakfast at Fatoor Faris!


Saudi Gazette

The old adage ‘eat breakfast like a king’ has proved itself to be true according to the latest scientific research. Eating breakfast is considered one of the best ways to stay healthy. However, in today’s fast-paced life, breakfast is often viewed as a time-consuming activity or a reason to be late.

To make sure that you eat not just a healthy breakfast, but a meal filled with traditional and continental flavors, FatoorFaris (F6or Faris) offers a variety. One branch, located on Murjan St., welcomes guests upstairs where you will immediately be swept away by the aroma of breakfast. If not for the wonderful smells, a well-organized restaurant and efficient staff will put you to ease.

The restaurant offers complete Saudi, Turkey and American breakfast meals with flavors you’ll remember. Diners swear by the foul and feta cheese combo which is served with assorted bread, coffee or tea. On the other hand, if you are in the mood for a traditional American breakfast, a hearty meal of pancakes, beef bacon, hash brown and eggs awaits you.

The famous Hejazi dish called “My Father’s Masoub” will remind you of your childhood when you had time to eat breakfast. If you are a fan of sandwiches, the restaurant offers tuna, Halloumi, chicken, liver, club and special Japanese club sandwiches.

Worried about your diet? F6toor Faris has a separate section in the menu for Healthy food that includes boiled eggs, different salads and oatmeal. You can also order milkshakes, teas and flavorsome hot beverages to accompany your meal and to get your morning caffeine boost.

Average cost per person: SR30-45