The search for a suitable job



A member of the Shoura Council confirmed in a recent statement that his sons work as drivers in the transportation networking companies, explaining that this work generates a monthly income of up to SR3,000.

The member of the council said in a tweet published in his Twitter account: "My children joined the transportation networking company Careem to fill their leisure time and also work according to the times that suit them," indicating that the average income for each was up to SR3,000 per month.

It may surprise some that the Shoura Council member made such a statement about his children. But those of us who take time out to peruse through the biography of the same member will find that he himself said via his account late last year that he was the son of a poor family and had worked as a driver with a family, then taxi driver and then went to university to become a university professor, before becoming the member of the Shoura Council.

The member’s lifestyle and success story stresses to the youth that the circumstances, no matter how harsh they can be, cannot defeat the person's will if they work hard and persevere and, that those who surrender to their circumstances and give up will not be able to change their destiny and will remain in the same situations while blaming those circumstances and life’s hardships as the reason for their fate.

The circumstances have changed and differed from time to time over the years, and now it is ultimately geared towards the interest of young people. The labor laws and regulations announced recently contribute greatly to opening many closed doors for young people.

For example, the Saudization of transportation networking companies had a positive impact in encouraging young people to work either full-time or part-time. Also, it contributed to making good use of their free time for their benefit and the benefit of others.

There are remote working systems, flexible jobs that can be done from home, part-time jobs, and other systems announced by various sectors, according to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

Young people only need to go to the ministry's website to identify those systems and the employment opportunities available to them and that fit not only with the unemployed, but even with those seeking additional income or students, who have spare time or even those retired.

Most of those looking for work today find work in different fields and in more than one way. But some have rigid attitudes and requirements they cannot change or waive, including the nature of the work that is not suitable. Therefore they continue to be unemployed looking for jobs for several years without finding any for they have being living under the assumption that they didn't find the right type of work.