Apps to keep you active


The best way to manage your activity is by measuring it. Keeping a healthy lifestyle and maintaining your fitness can be challenging at times. Everyone has different goals, whether it’s preparing for a marathon, building muscle, losing weight, maintaining a daily workout, or simply being more active. Here are popular apps to help you organize and boost your exercise.


This is a fun and competitive game to help you get your legs moving. Using virtual reality, it transforms the real world into an adventure game using maps and communicating with others. The investigative game is a struggle to save the planet with groups around the world.


This free app tracks your running and biking. What better way to motivate yourself than include competition in your exercise plan? It allows you to virtually see other joggers in the area and their progress so you can compare yourself to others. It’s also a good way to discover new routes around you.

Speedo Fit

This app tracks your swimming progress. It includes your goals, monthly total, and swimming challenges. It can also locate your nearest public swimming pool if available.

Couch to 5k

Launched by the NHS in the UK, this app sets a plan for you to get off your couch and be able to run 5 km within nine weeks. It’s a step-by-step daily program that helps beginners to become run addicts.


This Editors’ Choice app simply tracks your movement throughout the day. Just carry your phone with you and it will track your steps, duration, and commutes whether you’re on your bike, car, or walking.