Changan unveils ‘Extreme Heat Challenge’ campaign


ALMAJDOUIE Motors, the authorized dealer for Changan cars in Saudi Arabia, revealed the new Changan CS95 model and launched its “Extreme Heat Challenge” campaign for Changan cars. The event was attended by local media along with a group of Changan cars enthusiasts and clients. Forming of “Extreme Heat Challenge” campaign at this time of the year aimed at proving the highest performance and technical features of Changan cars under harsh weather conditions.

At the press conference held for this purpose, Li Yuanxing, Director of Middle East and Africa Region, said” Changan car brand rated number 1 brand in China for 9 consecutive years in terms of sales, which amounted to more than 3 million cars last year. In its constant quest for excellence, development and to keep pace with the evolution in the automotive industry; Changan opened state-of-the art research and development centers (R&D) worldwide, including the United States, Britain, Japan, Italy in addition to its main center in China, to keep pace with the evolution In the automotive industry. Almajdouie Motors, in cooperation with Changan Auto, is working hard to lead the Saudi auto market; where Changan cars enjoy significant demand in view of its strong performance and advanced technology, as well as the best after sale services provided by Almajdouie Motors.

During the event, the media was given the opportunity to test-drive CS95 car, the new Changan mid-size SUV model, at the track of “The Rock”, the famous car circuit in Jeddah, which is one of the toughest car tracks in the region and the true challenge for SUV cars.

The “Extreme Heat Challenge” campaign launched by Almajdouie Motors for Changan cars, consists of several phases, including the test-drive phase followed by a 5 day tour of Saudi Arabia to travel 20,000 km, to challenge the extremely high temperature and the harsh weather at this time of year.— SG