SG staffer Ajaz Ali passes away

Ajaz Ali

Saudi Gazette report

Ajaz Ali, a dedicated, intuitive and hardworking member of the Saudi Gazette Web team, died in Hyderabad, India, following a prolonged illness.

Ajaz, son of Basith Ali, passed away Wednesday morning. He was 33.

He became sick two years ago when he had regular abdominal pain. Thorough checkups at different hospitals could not diagnose the disease.

The issue dragged on for almost six months and in March 2016 Ajaz was finally diagnosed with brain tumor and he was flown to Hyderabad the same month for treatment.

He underwent successful operation in April 2016, and at first his condition seemed to improve. He came back to Saudi Gazette, but called time for recuperation.

He quit Saudi Gazette to go back to Hyderabad for treatment and rest and was to rejoin the team in the same capacity upon recovery. But the tumor reappeared about three months back and it quickly spread leading to his demise.

“To Allah (SWT) we belong, and to Him is our return.”

May Allah (SWT) grant him the highest place in Jannah (Paradise). May Allah (SWT) give his family patience.

The shocking news of Ajaz’s death took the Saudi Gazette staff by surprise. His friends and colleagues all remembered the quiet unassuming person, who had won the hearts of the staff members with his spirit of cooperation.

The Saudi Gazette team, which held a funeral (in absentia) prayer at the office premises on Wednesday, will miss him a lot and all their thoughts are with Ajaz’s family.

Ajaz was an alumni of International Indian School, Dammam (IISD). After intermediate, he continued his studies in Hyderabad and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in information technology.

Being ambitious by nature Ajaz proceeded to Melbourne, Australia, for further studies in his chosen field in multimedia, graphics and animations.

However, his heart was always in Saudi Arabia. After completing his studies, he returned to Saudi Arabia to be with his parents.

He joined Saudi Gazette in October 2012. During his first few days in the organization, the staff was perplexed by his quiet nature as he seemed to be aloof most of the time.

But his adeptness in coping with the latest in technology endeared him to all in Saudi Gazette. He was helpful by nature and responded to every call of help from the staff to deal with the latest technology.

He showed a flair for listening and would respond succinctly to all the queries directed to him. He grew on all the staff with this nature as they realized that though unusually quiet he spoke with his actions, and only spoke well about others.

His work was near perfection, creativity was in his blood and he played a crucial role in many of the successful projects instituted by the Saudi Gazette Web team.

Staff members recall the successful moments in his efforts to achieve targets and this infused great camaraderie among the team.

Ajaz was a dedicated, hard working individual for whom work was top priority. Being intuitive, he never faced difficulty in applying new strategies for the betterment of the organization.

Surprisingly, Ajaz never argued about the things that people usually do, but gave allowances for their shortcomings, claiming that even he too had many. His philosophy at a young age smacks of dreams and experiences that shaped him.

But God, in His eternal wisdom, took him at a young age.

May his soul rest in peace, amen!