Malaria infects 58 Hajis: MOH

A medical center set up by the Ministry of Health in Makkah. — Courtesy photo

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — The Ministry of Health has reported that 58 pilgrims — all foreigners — suffer from malaria.

The ministry said the pilgrims went through a health checkup at different hospitals in Makkah and Madinah. Of the infected pilgrims, 56 have been treated while while two others are still undergoing treatment. The infected pilgrims are of eight different nationalities.

Many Muslim countries are infected with malaria and the Kingdom is ready to treat pilgrims infected with the disease. The rate of pilgrims infected with malaria differs from year to year.

The ministry takes measures to ensure that the disease does not spread in the Kingdom.

The ministry has a field medical team that quickly responds to any suspicion of malaria infection.

The team visits the pilgrims at their camps and run a medical checkup on them to verify any reports of malaria.

On another note, the Ministry of Haj has established various service centers around the Grand Mosque in the holy city to serve the pilgrims. The service centers are equipped with latest technology and the most qualified staff members to offer wired and wireless technological services.

The centers have a database of all pilgrims detailing their location and contact information.

The centers are open 24 hours and pilgrims are received with refreshments and dates to assure them that their comfort and safety will not be compromised during their pilgrimage.

The service centers accommodate elderly pilgrims and pilgrims with disabilities. The centers also offer their services in several languages in case the pilgrims do not speak Arabic.

The service centers are located in Al-Hajlah, Al-Misfalah, Ajyad Al-Sad, Ajyad Al-Masafi, Al-Ghazzah and Al-Miallah neighborhoods.