Human resource managers at Saudi hospitals



HOLD them accountable. The vast majority of them deserve to be hanged in a public place. They are the secret enemy and the one responsible for the poor condition of the medical services provided in most of our hospitals and the source of misery for most medical staff.

We should also hold human resource managers accountable of medical mistakes committed, because they are the ones who recruited the doctor and the ones that examined their papers and certificates. In addition they were the one, who most likely were enthusiastic to replace a better doctor with the one of his choice.

Human resource managers control the lives of the medical staff, nurses and managers. They enjoy delaying promotions, employment and the issuance or restructuring of salaries. They always prefer low salaries over high quality of work. Like a cancer, they spread in the medical entity and are responsible for the migration of rare and specialized medical qualities.

The vast majority of human resource managers in our hospitals were elevated to this position in the traditional way and holding no specialized certificate in a field that’s new in Saudi Arabia. Some of them were, one day, receptionists at the hospital and then they got lucky somehow and were elevated to human resource managers. They then started to screw things up, and the quality of the hospitals collapsed and some of the patients got their share of death or permanent disability.

We have the right to demand to revamp all human resource departments at hospitals. In the revamp we should clear all those who are not up to the mark or do not hold a certificate in this field. Human resource department is the gate to employment and distributing staff all around the hospital. If this department was inefficient or corrupt or even both, then it will reflect negatively on the patients and medical staff and the nurses.

Many qualified doctors have escaped from hospitals in small and big cities. Quality collapsed in our hospitals and the rate of complaints from victims of medical mistakes is on the rise, while managers of human resources are still in their position abusing their power while enjoying their coffee.

The human resource manager has full control in choosing the new doctor, who in most cases is low in quality, while the job of the hospital manager is to blindly approve. The human resource manager also has the power and ability to destroy the morale of the doctors, nurses, technicians and administrative workers at the hospital with his intransigence. Therefore this will negatively reflect on the patients, who in turn will receive poor medical attention.

We built the medical structures but destroyed the human resources. We bought the most expensive equipment, some equal to the salaries of all medical staff combined for a year, and we allowed the human resource manager to destroy the promises of the government to the people of providing the best of medical services.

We need to quickly cure this in government and private hospitals and clean this important department from intruders that hold no specialized degree in human resources and who have turned the work environment of hospitals as a place that is not attractive to work in.