Pilgrims take the first new train between the holy sites


Saudi Gazette report

MAKKAH — Pilgrims took the first new train to the holy sites at 8:00 p.m. on the eighth of the month of Dhu Al-Hijja within the southern route. The train has the highest capacity for passengers in the world, carrying about 72,000 passengers per hour at peak times.

This year, the train aims to transport more than 350,000 pilgrims through more than 1,000 trips during Haj days, including local pilgrims, Gulf pilgrims, Turkish pilgrims, Muslims from Europe, America, Australia and South Asia.

The tickets have been divided into five categories with a different color for each category: Purple for Mina 1, Muzdalifah 1 and Arafat 1 stations, while the orange color allows passengers to use Mina 2, Muzdalifah 2 and Arafat 2 stations, the blue color is for Mina 3, Muzdalifah 3 and Arafat 3, and the brown color is for all stations only during the Tashreeq days.

The spokesman of the Development Authority of the Makkah Region Jalal Kaaki said that the train launched its first trips, after conducting several field tests to determine its readiness and to address any technical shortcomings, in addition to conducting experiments to increase the efficiency of safety teams to intervene in case of any emergency.