Abu Dhabi hosts International Emmy Awards for the eighth year

Nashwa Al Ruwaini

ABU DHABI — To continue establishing Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, as a renowned media hub in the Middle East, Pyramedia, the leading media production and consulting company will once again be hosting the International Emmy Awards on Sept. 9.

The event that will be held in Bab El Qasr Hotel in the capital will gather celebrities and experts from the media field alongside a prestigious judging panel to recognize international media productions as well as celebrities shedding light specifically in the category of Best Performance by Actor in Latin America for Drama.

Nashwa Al Ruwaini, CEO of Pyramedia Group and highly recognized media personality who will also be part of the judging panel, said “it is an honor to once again host the International Emmy Awards this year and like every year we have ensured that those participating and judging the awards are extremely experienced and come from all across the region to create a diverse and dynamic pool of people and create an international environment of expertise and specialization. The bringing together of so many experts from all walks of life from the media industry will help boost the dissemination of information and create a thriving dialogue at the event.”

Pyramedia has hosted the International Emmy Awards seven years in a row and like every year the judges are selected and invited from all across the globe making the event a major gathering of media professionals who can discuss the trends and demands of the media industry.

The judging panels always involve the presence of prominent personalities such as Bassem Yakhour, Saba Mubarak, Abdullah Bin Haidar, Fadel El Muhairi, Madelaine Tabar, Habib Ghuloom Qais Khouli, Nisreem Tafesh, Hussain Al Amri.

Pyramedia under the guidance of Nashwa Al Ruwaini throughout the years have strived to build a name for Abu Dhabi as a media hub in line with the vision of the UAE government.

The company has dedicated years to promoting the region and local talent and content internationally to help blend global boundaries through media. The International Emmy Awards are another step towards placing Abu Dhabi on the global media map and are a platform for the exchange of ideas and ensuring the region is taking part in the growth and development of the media industry worldwide. — SG