Top Family Mobile Games


Games on smart devices can still be a social activity with family and friends. It’s important to choose games that are either educational or interactive to spend the time together wisely.

Here are some of the top rated family games to make gatherings, picnics and road trips more fun.

Trivia Crack

For trivia quiz addicts, this game makes it more challenging with multiple players answering questions simultaneously. It’s one of the most popular trivia apps in app stores today. It’s suitable for different ages as it tests one’s knowledge on art, science, entertainment, geography, history and sports. It can be played in teams or individuals competing with each other.

Mad libs

An all-time favorite of different generations, this game never fails to make people laugh. Filling in the blanks of a sentence not only tests your grammar but can make great memories with family by creating silly phrases. It’s a classic that has been re-introduced to the mobile phone.

Sing! Karaoke by Smule

Karaoke is always a fun group activity and can break the ice with new friends. This app is one of the top-rated karaoke apps in the world. Its aim is to connect the world through the music – but it can also connect family and friends more in discovering each other’s talents!

Heads Up!

This is a classic party game brought to the digital world. It’s charades in a quick and snappy rhythm. Pick a category then hold one device up to your head so that others can read the word and act it out. The best part is it’s fun for all ages.


This game requires 2 to 8 players and can guarantee teamwork, shouting, and pushing buttons. Its time-sensitive instructions for saving a distressed ship make it chaotic and loud but will pressure the team to collaborate to solve the problem. It’s a multi-device game that can be addictive.