Overcoming snags: Success story of a handicapped man

Dhaifallah Al-Jabal on his wheelchair. — Courtesy photo

Saudi Gazette report

– People of special needs, especially those on wheelchair, go through troubles and tribulations in their life. However, there are people like Dhaifallah Al-Jabal who have successfully overcome their difficulties as a result of their determination and self-confidence.

Handicap did not prevent Al-Jabal from climbing the ladders of success in an amazing way. After completing his studies, he took up various jobs in the past years. He is now manager in charge of purchases and tenders at Quba Municipality in the central region of Qassim.

Al-Jabal became disabled following a road accident when he was 7 after his father divorced his mother. The accident took place while he was traveling with his father, he said, adding that the father’s new wife and his sister died in the crash. He was taken to Zulfi Hospital for treatment.

“A hospital employee advised my father to take me to the foundation for taking care of paralyzed children. We had no idea about this foundation as we were living in a remote village in Qubat Azm. My father took me to the foundation. Mashael Al-Sudairy was its director.”

Al-Jabal stayed at the foundation for seven years until he completed first-year intermediate. During this period he was involved with various charitable and voluntary activities of the foundation including mall visits, which gave him greater confidence to face challenges of life.

“It gave me a feeling that we are part and parcel of this society,” he told Al-Watan Arabic daily.

Speaking about some of the initial difficulties, Al-Jabal said the manager of the intermediate school had refused to give him admission. “The foundation’s manager Al-Sudairy contacted the director of social affairs in Qassim, who instructed the school to admit me. I owe a lot to Al-Sudairy for her support.”

Al-Jabal was the only special need student to join public school. He faced a lot of difficulties to reach school as the path leading to the school was sandy. He was not ready to get stuck before obstacles and he continued his difficult journey to school until he obtained the secondary school certificate.

After obtaining a job, he thought of marriage and obtained permission from authorities to marry a woman from outside the Kingdom. He found a suitable bride in an Arab country. The wedding took place inside the Kingdom. He has four children – Khaled, Abdullatif, Bandar and Al-Jouri. “Thanks to Allah, I am now leading a natural life with full of happiness,” he added.

Al-Jabal also spoke about the problems he faced to get a decent job. “After completing secondary education I went to Riyadh to get a job but I could not find one, even though I had obtained a certificate from the Computer Institute in Buraidah,” he said.

Later he met with a prominent personality in Quba to get employment support. But his reply was negative. “He told me that even the healthy are not getting jobs these days. This statement did not disappoint me but encouraged me to continue my search for job.”

Fortunately, the Quba Municipality had some vacancies and he approached then municipal chairman Abdullah Al-Yousuf. “After looking into my application he told me that I will be the first one to be selected for a job. His statement was highly motivating.”

Al-Jabal joined Quba municipality as an ordinary employee. Later through hard work he was able to climb the ladders of progress after winning the confidence of its top officials. He became manager of public relations, head of administrative communication and director of IT department before being promoted as manager of purchases and tenders.