Liam Neeson says his thriller days are over

Liam Neeson

TORONTO - Special set of skills or not, Liam Neeson says he's finished making thrillers.

In an interview, Neeson said that while "they're still throwing serious money at me" to do films in the mold of "Taken," he plans to stop. The 65-year-old actor says he's too old for those films and that audiences will eventually not buy him as an action hero.

Neeson still has two upcoming revenge thrillers he's already shot: "Hard Powder" and "The Commuter." But, he said, "that's it."

Instead, Neeson has turned back to dramatic work. His Watergate drama "Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House" premieres Monday at the Toronto International Film Festival. He's also lined up to co-star in "Widows," by "Twelve Years a Slave" director Steve McQueen. - AP